Decorate your interior with these vinyl storage ideas

Storing your vinyl records in the right way is the key to keeping them playable. It would help if you kept your vinyl from warping or cracking. Vinyl records take up much space and are quite expensive. It’s also unlikely of a vinyl buyer to buy just one piece. If you own one today, be sure sooner or later, you’re going to have a lot of them. With a vast collection of record albums, you’re going to deal with vinyl record care and storage problems. Tylko comes through at this point. They sell various vinyl storage solutions, so you can’t miss an item for your storage needs.

General-purpose shelving

Although you’ll find general-purpose shelving of all sizes and types in the market, unfortunately, none of them has been specifically designed for vinyl storage. Not a big problem, though, and it’s easy to overcome. Make sure you pick strong shelving to hold up the records you plan to store within it. Also, the sides of the shelving should support vinyl records leaning against them.

Dedicated vinyl record storage shelving

Several manufacturers design dedicated vinyl record storage shelves. They also make some shelves that double up as bookcases. Most of the dedicated vinyl storage units are modular, letting you expand them as your collection grows. Although functional, some of these units might be way beyond the budget of many collectors.

Non-stackable record crates

A non-stackable storage racks will come in handy if you’re working with a few albums. Most of these units are easy to move, and you can add some more if your collection grows.

Side out bins and baskets

For better organization of your records, you can opt for sliding baskets or bins. Customize the bins and the shelves by adding dividers to help you sort your records. Choose units made of materials that offer adequate support and don’t encourage static.

Wooden crates

A wooden crate is an affordable and classic choice for collectors working with small vinyl record collections. The crates should be strong enough and at least 13” wide. You can go ahead and paint or stain the crates to match with your home décor, or you can pick an antique crate with a fun advert.

Regardless of what vinyl record storage you choose, pick one that works for you. Keep vinyl storage in mind when designing a music room or any other space.